January, 2010

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    Virtual Ark struggling to find a good developer


    clip_image002[4]I got an email recently from Emma Pudney, EVP Product Strategy of a new startup called Virtual Ark.

    I’ve known Emma for ages, going back to the early days of ninemsn and the team from Hostworks in Adelaide.

    So, when Emma asks for help, I’m going to try and assist.

    This is the job description


    If you have a passion for cloud computing and having fun at work with a highly qualified technical team, we’d like to talk to you. We are building a team of the earliest innovators in Cloud computing in Australia. We're looking for an experienced, clever and enthusiastic Developer. Reporting to the Head of Product Strategy this role will initially be a 3 month contract term but has the potential to become full time and a founding member of a new start up’s technical team! The role location is flexible however if we need to choose between equally qualified candidates our preference will be given to Australian Adelaide or Sydney residents.

    Your main responsibility will be developing a web application that runs on the cloud and interfaces with many back end systems via different APIs. The architecture needs to be flexible (to accommodate future integrations), resilient (this will be core to our business) and scalable (we plan to grow). We'd like the frontend to look good, but we can always pretty that up later!

    We are looking for the following skills and experience:


    • Experience with one of the major programming languages (e.g. PHP or .NET)
    • Experience in integrating applications using APIs
    • Familiarity with XML, SOAP/WSDL, REST etc
    • Experience with integrating with a database back-end (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL)
    • Understanding of W3C standards and how they apply to web development
    • Understanding of cloud infrastructure and platform services (e.g. EC2, Azure)


    • Excellent time management skills
    • Ability to work to deadlines
    • Ability to work with broad direction
    • 3+ years experience integrating management tools such as monitoring, reporting and service management platforms
    • Strong documentation standards


    • Ability to create a quality functional specification from business and technical requirements
    • Experience with cloud infrastructure or platform services (e.g., EC2, Azure)

    Experience using or scripting on instances on public cloud infrastructure such as EC2, GoGrid, RackSpace etc. or developing applications on Azure / GoogleApps is highly desirable but not required. As part of this new start-up technical team you will develop the most innovative modern cloud computing skills in this fast emerging area.

    Interested? Leave me a comment or send an email to frankarr @ microsoft.com and I will get you in touch with Emma and the team

  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    From Treo to Leo – My New Gadget, the HTC HD2


    I’ve been a happy Palm Treo Pro user since Oct 2008, and it’s been the best phone I’ve had for ages. I had paired it up with SPB Mobile Shell and found it quite a handy and enjoyable combination.

    But, the 320x320 screen was a bit weird.

    So, in my quest for the ultimate Windows Mobile Phone, I got myself an unlocked HTC HD2 (codename Leo).

    I’m a fan of the unlocked phone – let’s me be in control, rather than the carrier. It’s a weird model they have here in the US with carriers lock-in. All my phones have been unlocked (ShadowHTC TyTN II, Palm Treo 750, Imate K-Jam)

    There are a few online retailers who have the unlocked phone, such as Expansys and Integrontech but the big news for those in the US is that T-Mobile will be offering the HD2 sometime in 2010. Since I am on T-Mobile, I felt quite quite smug about my decision.

    For my friends downunder, Telstra will be offering the phone, and to celebrate the local folks are giving away five HTC HD2 Windows phones. You gotta be in in to win it, eh?

    So, I’ve had the phone a few days and I really really really like it. Especially the 480 X 800 WVGA screen. mmmmmm.


    The 1GHz Snapdragon™ processor isn’t too shabby either.

    This is a killer phone!

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