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  • Blog Post: Gadget Pr0n

    I admit, I've gone a bit gadget crazy since I've been here. I have picked up Wifi Photo Frame Chumby Kindle Pleo and last week, I got my latest addition - an XO And this isn't counting the 4 computers, 2 game consoles and assorted networking gear. Yeah baby - we're living the digital lifestyle Technorati...
  • Blog Post: Latest Gadget : Samsung SPF-72V 7-Inch Wireless Digital Photo Frame

    I finally got a digital photo frame, but not just any one. I got the Samsung SPF-72V 7-Inch Wireless Digital Photo Frame Samsung and MSR’s Next Media Group developed this frame together. MSR de­veloped the initial software, and Samsung shipped the final hard­ware product. It is so freaking cool...
  • Blog Post: Good News!

    Finally got around to ordering my new broadband service and it's Good News! Yes, fiber is indeed good for you! Technorati Tags: FiOS
  • Blog Post: Live Earth - Concerts for a Climate in Crisis

    Jeremy "OffBeatMammal' Cath has a post about the upcoming Live Earth Concert Lots more info, including a new song written and performed by Madonna exclusively for Live Earth , at I like the date of the event 7/7/7 Technorati tags: LiveEarth , 7/7/7 , Madonna [ Current Listening...
  • Blog Post: Observing a new Windows Vista User

    So, it's been a while since 'Rigo installed Windows Vista RC1 , and I have been intrigued watching him adapt. He used to have Google as his home page , Trillian as his IM client , Firefox as his browser . He now has Windows Live as his home page (customised with his favorite feeds), Windows Live Messenger...
  • Blog Post: Installing Windows Vista RC1

    I purchased one of those TechEd Dells PCs for use at home. Today I finally got around to setting it up and asked 'Rigo to upgrade it to Windows Vista RC1 . He found the download site and some info over at neowin He got the ISO file down. He burnt it to DVD He got a Product Key He stuck the DVD into the...
  • Blog Post: Business Sunday investigates Corporate Blogging

    This morning I was interviewed by Ali Moore for a story she is doing to be shown on Business Sunday about corporate blogging. Pretty normal, huh? I've done a bunch of these kind of interviews in the past for The Bulletin and Computerworld . What made this different from the others, was that part...
  • Blog Post: My Boy Billy is getting a Tablet just like Me!

    I went to the parent's orientation meeting for Billy's new school last week. The session opened with a wonderful slide show featuring the boys of Year 7, 2006 who had been at the school earlier in the day for their school orientation. All the staff spoke at length about the school , the culture and the...
  • Blog Post: xda post

    here it is [posted from frankarr's xda]
  • Blog Post: powered by

    So, I'm checking out the website for my new car and it's an ASP.NET site. Cool! Now I'm happy!!!! If anyone knows who developed the site - can they please contact me!!
  • Blog Post: My 4 Kids

    I have 4 awesome kids: Antony Arrigo , Billy Arrigo , Emma Arrigo , and Brice Arrigo There are just fantastic, and so talented!: Emma comes second! Bill's School Concert that's my boy! Santa comes to St Ives
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