January, 2006

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Welcome to FrankFi's view. I am somewhat over thirty years old and the Manager for Technical Evangelism at Microsoft Germany. I admit to be a technical guy who has slipped into management and yes, I have Visual Studio on my machine (as well as some other stuff like Ruby ;-)



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    Managed DirectX Webcasts - The samples

    Hi... today I took the time and searched for the samples of the DirectX webcast series I did with Dirk Primbs some time ago. Yes, the original space purged and my webhoster did no backup ;-) But I was asked recently so here we go... I packaged the...
  • FrankFi's view of the world

    Interviews at Microsoft

    Hi… My group did a lot of interviews in the past few months. Somehow we developed our own “style” with it and a typical way of questions and games. It all starts with an application and the documents handed in. The next step is a telephone interview...
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