March, 2009

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Welcome to FrankFi's view. I am somewhat over thirty years old and the Manager for Technical Evangelism at Microsoft Germany. I admit to be a technical guy who has slipped into management and yes, I have Visual Studio on my machine (as well as some other stuff like Ruby ;-)



  • FrankFi's view of the world

    Marketing needs Developer

    Hi… I have a very special idea around marketing. Maybe this is a result of being a technical guy and having to deep dive into marketing. History of Marketing For me marketing is more than advertizing. When marketing started beginning last century it was...
  • FrankFi's view of the world

    Jet Blue is still alive or in the need of DBS

    Hi… most US citizens see in the term Jet Blue the airline. Some others (like me) remember there was something called Jet Blue and Jet Red…remember?? Jet – A database engine So JET – once for Joint Engine Technology – was a database engine used within...
  • FrankFi's view of the world

    Software made in Germany - SpicIE

    Hi… some time ago I asked some guys here at Microsoft why we do not support writing IE plug ins in managed code. The answer was that while this still is a good idea it is not the highest priority of the product teams. Honestly I understand that because...
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