It’s interesting to read all the blog entries and news items around Arcs of Fire (AOF) and the Tablet Game SDK. Lots of people questioning what is it, why is it, and why aren’t we doing other things that some think are more important.  All I can tell you is our developer evangelism plan has many facets to it, as it should, and that AOF and the Game SDK are one part of that plan…


AOF will be a simple casual game, it’s being developed by our partners at 3Leaf Development.  Sean and his team are building AOF as a sample application to show off the Game SDK that his team is building for us. It’s cool, it’s fun and believe me we’re not trying to compete with any of the gaming systems out there and/or turn the tablet into the next generation game device. While it would be nice it’s not our goal.


Why build a game SDK? We’re at a point in the technical skills enablement of our new and existing tablet developers that we need to bring more end to end scenarios to market as reference applications. Besides AOF we are working on some other more traditional enterprise applications that you’ll hear about soon.


The main point of emphasis with AOF is to introduce new input functionality made possible by the pen like pressure and velocity, controlling direction by movement of the pen and using pen gestures. We’ll show how to program in an environment where the screen can rotate and we’ll also get into some of the new component technology from our V1.7 SDK like the Real Time Stylus.  AOF and the Game SDK will support some of the newer initiatives of the Mobile Platforms Division including being power aware and responding to events like system suspend or hibernate.


It’s an educational tool, a way to enhance developer knowledge with tablet and its unique feature set as well as a way to evangelize the platform to new developers who write casual games when they're not building complex software systems at work. Join us at and lets see how creative and innovative we can get, perhaps we will displace xbox one day with your help J 


I really want to see a football simulation game come out of this where I can setup my plays and see my x’s and o’s travel down the grid iron. I’d personally send it to Mr. Gibbs. (I can’t believe they lost that game today…)





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