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September, 2003

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Dieser Blog ist stillgelegt und wird nicht mehr aktualisiert.
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    ExI Reloaded

    Extropy Institute has refurbished its web site, got a new mission statement, and Max More has written version 3.1 of "the Principles" . They sound pretty grown-up now, a kind of introductory disclaimer (on the use of "extropy") has been added, and so...
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    Hardware: Bad things & good things

    Recently, my Dell C840 stopped working with a hardware failure (Stop Error d0000144: Unknown Hard Error). Didn't find anything about this through Google ... looks like the main board or the disk controller are into serious trouble :( I miss this device...
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    Ivan Medvedev has a very cool discussion of Code Access Security and making apps work in a semi-trusted environment here . (I was happy to read that it took even him a year to understand CAS, so I may not be completely stupid ... ;-)
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    Just found out that a new term has been coined to describe my worldview: I'm a bright . Don't know what it means? See here or here to find out and decide for yourself. (I think that Dawkins and Dennett have a valid point, but this seems too artificial...
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    Triforium 2003

    Staying in Berlin @ Triforium 2003, the German Microsoft customer & partner event. Focus on business topics. Nevertheless I gave a talk on mobile app development with .NET yesterday evening (thanks to an invitation by our Academia team) which was very...
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