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October, 2003

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    Sleepless in L.A.

    It's 4:00 in the morning, and I'm sitting in my hotel room in Downtown L.A. - the jet lag has got me. Fortunately, they have free wireless internet access here, so I can do some work. Arrived yesterday after a 12-hour non-stop flight from Munich, for...
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    A Day @ Systems 2003

    Was on duty at the second largest German trade fair for IT & computers - the Systems 2003 in Munich. Guarded one of the VS.NET demo machines, nothing unusual, as working at the CeBIT for 8 days in a row is much harder. What surprised me, however, was...
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    Burn your own DVD, that is... Bought a DVD writer (Teac DV-W50D-PUK) on Saturday. External one, connects through USB 2.0 to my various notebooks :) At EUR 229,- they become affordable now. These days, with HDs in the 60GB+ range, you cannot create sensible...
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    Smartphone hits Germany (finally)

    debitel offers a preview of the Motorola MPx200 which will be available very soon in Germany. I'd say, it's about time... (After T-Mobile dropped earlier plans to bring the SPV E100 - aka Tanager - to the German market.)
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    Gadgets are coming

    A new Smartphone made by Sierra Wireless will hit the market in 2004. It's got a flip-open QWERTY keyboard and will probably run Smartphone 2003. Very cool stuff, check it out at .
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