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November, 2004

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    One important ingredient to the software factories concept is the ability to quickly & easily build your own domain specific language (DSL) + accompanying tools, designers, etc. Microsoft now releases the first technology preview of a tool (for VS2005...
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    Why the name "software factories"?

    Just came across this explanation of why Greenfield et al. chose the name "software factory" for their new approach to the industrialization of software production. Should clear up some confusion around that term.
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    Dirk & Uwe bei GIGA TV

    Meine hochgeschätzten Kollegen Dirk und Uwe waren kürzlich bei GIGA TV zu Besuch und auch live im Fernsehen zu bestaunen. Anlaß war der GIGA Homepage Award . Natürlich hat unser Oberkameramann und Sharepoint-Guru Frank Fischer ein Video daraus gebastelt...
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    Windows Mobile Development Webcasts @Learn247

    Here is an announcement from our EMEA evangelism team for those who want to learn how to use .NET for building mobile applications (in case you did not attend one of my presentations during my recent TechTalk tour ;-) Looking to build applications for...
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