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March, 2006

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    Cool: (Real) Three Dimensional Images in the Air

    This research project by AIST in Japan could lead to real 3D displays floating in (nothing but) the air. They are using nanosecond laser pulses which lead to plasma emission near the focal point - which gives glowing dots. Exciting!
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    Deutsche Bücher zum .NET Compact Framework

    Da man ja immer mal wieder gefragt wird, was es denn so an Literatur zur Entwicklung mobiler Anwendungen gäbe, speziell auf deutsch, hier zwei Bücher zum .NET Compact Framework, von denen ich weiß: Robert Panther: " Programmieren mit dem .NET Compact...
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    i-mate Jasjar AKU2

    Flashed my device yesterday, and I don't regret it. Some improvements: MSFP with DirectPush - email typically arrives on my device ~ 10 secs. after I hit "Send" in my email client huge speed improvement - feels like a completely new device ...
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    Onfolio - acquired by Microsoft

    I've been a long-time user of Onfolio , a great tool to collect and organize all kinds of information, documents, snippets, etc., esp. when surfing the web. So I was very positively surprised when I read that we (Microsoft :-) acquired this technology...
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    Stanislaw Lem is dead :-(

    I can't believe what I just read: Stanislaw Lem , the great Polish SciFi author, died today at the age of 84 . His books were among the first that I read when I was a child (I remember "The Invincible" like I read it yesterday). They contributed to...
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    Fix for NETCF 2.0 install error #4 on Windows Mobile 5.0 available

    If you have trouble installing NETCF 2.0 on a WM 5.0 device because you get "Error #4" for no apparent reason, there is a new redistributable that has just been posted to the download site , which contains a fix. The error is due to an issue with the...
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    Windows Embedded and Real Time

    Since I get asked this pretty frequently (esp. here at CeBIT, where I am talking to a lot of interested customers): Yes, Windows CE is a hard real-time OS , and there are ways to even add real-time capabilities to XP Embedded (which is not a native RTOS...
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    MEDC Europe - don't miss it!

    As I have posted earlier , we are preparing (for) the EMEA version of Microsoft's Mobile & Embedded DevCon , which will take place in Nice, and which will essentially be a "replay" of the main conference in Las Vegas , for those who cannot attend...
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