I’ve been working with Teresa over at Boston University to help coordinate Microsoft’s involvement in this year’s Win-Dev conference. I’ve always enjoyed Win-Dev as a both a speaker and an attendee b/c of the breadth and depth of the technical content presented there and also b/c of the top industry talent doing the presenting. In addition to guys like: Bob Beauchemin, Ian Griffiths, Aaron Skonnard, Keith Brown, Fritz Onion, Mike Woodring, Rob Howard, and Juval Lowy, this year there will be lots of Microsoft product team members presenting as well: Chris Anderson will be keynoting, Maoni Stephens and Kit George from the CLR Team, Keith Ballinger from the Indigo team, Jason Carlson Product Unit Manager for SQL Server Reporting Services, Girish Chander from SQL Server, and Frank Swiderski from the Secure Windows Initiative Attack Team will all be presenting.


In addition, MSDN is sponsoring the Ask The Experts (ATE) on Tuesday evening October 26, 5:00 PM. I’m a huge fan of ATE b/c it’s a great place to mingle with the speakers and other attendees over appetizers and drinks while getting answers/insight into technical design/implementation issues. Hopefully I’ll see you there!