Designing .NET Class Libraries 101


Today, we finally launched the Designing .NET Class Libraries training course!


This 14-part series of multimedia presentations and technical chats is based on an internal two-day technical education course presented by the CLR team.


The course covers design guidelines for developing class libraries and components that extend the .NET Framework and is intended to encourage consistency and predictability in public APIs built using the .NET Framework.


Each Friday, we will publish part of the course on the .NET Framework Developer Center and each Wednesday we will host a follow-up chat where you can ask questions about the previous Friday’s “lesson”. The schedule for the entire course (presentations and follow-up chats) is posted here on the .NET Framework Developer Center.


Setting the stage for the course is Brad Abrams


Designing great frameworks training: Setting the stage

As promised today we started a regular series on designing great frameworks… This material is taken directly from some recent internal training I ran.  I hope you will take a look and let me know what you think and tell other folks that might be interested in “taking” this course with us. 


In this talk I ask about who the audience is in terms of job function (dev, test, PM).  If you plan to “take” this course of the next few weeks I’d love hear more about who you are and what you expect to get out this class. 


Enjoy the course and let us know what you think!