I’m very pleased to announce that our Geocluster demo is live between Paris and Munich with Safeguard-Recoverpoint solution from Unisys and EMC. It has been an interesting journey for our teams since November and on top of our every day delivery. Working between Munich and Paris with 3 teams involved on both sides has provided a great deal of learnings in v-team drive and coordination J Thanks to great work on each side, we made it yogi!

Congrats Andreas, Bertrand, Jérome, Romain, Ramazan, .. ! Sehr gut ! Très bien !

Interestingly enough, we were able to go thru a couple of early discussions with customers since January and do some announcements and presentations during EMC Forum, TechDays2008.

Quick update on our air coverage with EMC and Unisys:


http://france.emc.com/collateral/magazine/200803-on.pdf -> Page 24/25 :-)


But, the MUST go is there (french sorry):




And yes, this is running on Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005 ... but wait 2008 is on the white board !