Voir la synthèse d’Alfonso Castro - Director of Strategic Partnerships, Microsoft Open Solutions Group

Microsoft takes part in a range of open source events and gatherings around the world as a way to facilitate face to face discussions with our open source colleagues and help create greater synergies that will ultimately bring real benefits to customers, no matter their preferred platforms or unique needs. I’ve been lucky to be at many of these events, and this week I’ve been in Barcelona for LinuxCon Europe 2012 to talk about Linux and Windows Azure.

Microsoft is proud to sponsor this year’s show, which represents a great opportunity for us to further share our belief that interoperability is key for today’s IT environments, big and small. This is especially true with the continued growth of the cloud and customers’ desires to use cloud-based systems to produce results at potentially lower costs. Combine this with Linux and its strong community of vendors and users, and it makes even clearer sense as to why we’re striving to increase our openness across platforms, including Windows Azure. View full article...

Et bientôt, Microsoft sera aussi présent à OW2Con 2012