Des annonces importantes pendant //build/ 2012 avec la synthèse de Kerry mais surtout ne pas rater le post d’Olivier avec les frameworks open source supportant Windows Phone 8 (bravo  !!)

By Kerry Godes - Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

Last week’s //build/ 2012 conference highlighted how developers can take advantage of their existing skills and favorite languages and frameworks to extend their market reach and bring great apps to the Windows 8 platform. There was a spotlight on the newly launched Windows Phone 8 Developer Platform, which is now supported by several popular open source and cross-platform frameworks.

In order to achieve the vision of Windows Phone as  “the world’s most personal smartphone”, Microsoft relies on a talented developer ecosystem that is fueled by companies, communities, and people who are creating offerings and resources to help these developers quickly and easily build or port apps for Windows Phone. View full article...

//build/ today with open source frameworks on Windows Phone 8