Bonnes et heureuse année 2013 – Happy new year 2013 !

Ce post date de 2 semaines, mais met en avant un point important sur les environnements cloud mixtes.


Openness Partner Spotlight: Opscode Chef Cooks Up a Solution to Cloud Complexity

Posted by Kerry Godes - Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

As enterprises have adopted virtualization and cloud computing over the past several years, we’ve seen rapid growth in the complexity of IT management. Opscode Chef addresses this dilemma through cloud infrastructure automation, an innovative way to easily deploy servers and scale applications throughout an entire infrastructure.

"With Windows Azure and Opscode Chef, organizations can easily spin up and manage Windows Azure instances directly from the command line, delivering flexibility and efficiency in bringing ideas to market and adapting to business change, for Microsoft- and Linux-based environments alike" said Christopher Brown, CTO, Opscode. View full article...


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