A voir, les échanges sur le sujet lors du dernier #techdays avec notamment:

AT Internet (Xiti), Captain Dash, HortonWorks http://www.microsoft.com/france/mstechdays/Live.aspx?day=j3&time=18641

HortonWorks TechDays TechDaysTV

Dans la même période, cet article sur le site Openness sur un superbe Use Case:

Posted by Kerry Godes - Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

Big data is the term increasingly used to describe the process of applying serious computing power, even the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence, to massive and often highly complex sets of information. This week Microsoft is showcasing what customers, partners, and the industry are doing to harness the power of big data to change the way organizations and people do business, discover insights and interact with one another.

What exactly is big data? It’s data that is so large, so complex or collected at such a fast pace that it challenges the capabilities of traditional data management systems. Any organization that looks at their current data infrastructure and sees a significant shift in the volume, variety or velocity of data is experiencing big data. View full article...

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