Le Big Data c’est aussi les outils qui permettent de découvrir et affiner ses recherches, la pertinence de l’information assemblée en traversant les données. C’est aussi avec la preview du Data Explorer pour Excel 2013, de consommer les flux OData ou des sources telles que Facebook ou Hadoop.

Data Explorer Excel 2013

Posted by Kerry Godes - Senior Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations

The amount of data available to individuals today is powerful and can spark exciting new insights. But it can also overwhelm. Consequently, organizations are challenged to give employees the tools needed to find and access the most pertinent information, whether across the web or within internal networks.

The Microsoft Data Explorer Preview for Excel 2013 addresses this challenge by providing an intuitive user interface for data discovery and refinement. With the Data Explorer add-in, users can now quickly and easily import data from a variety of sources, including relational, structured, and semi-structured data sets. Sources like Facebook, OData feeds, Windows Azure Marketplace, and big data solutions like Hadoop are now within the reach of any user. View full article...


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