Annonce cette semaine de la disponibilité de Skype pour Au-delà de l’intégration de deux produits Microsoft, c’est l’illustration de la stratégie d’interopérabilité de Skype au travers de différentes plateformes telles que Skype pour Linux, téléphones Android et aussi iPhones ou iPads.

Skype in 

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Posted by Jose Miguel Parrella - Interoperability Strategy

As Skype continues to grow in popularity, so does the number of ways that users can connect with friends and colleagues, regardless of what devices or services they prefer. This week Microsoft announced that Skype for is now fully available in several countries around the globe, allowing users to seamlessly launch Skype conversations from their accounts. is the first email service that is connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google to help bring together relevant content and streamline communications, all from an inbox.

Skype has also made several announcements in recent months that underscore its openness and mobile future across platforms, including last month’s milestone: 100 million installs of Skype for Android. Skype for Linux and Skype for iPhone and iPad have also been welcome additions for open source and iOS users. View full article...