Le Canada a mis en place une véritable stratégie autour de l’Open Data et la collaboration de Microsoft avec les développeurs et les communautés est très intéressante …

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1 heure chrono pour votre plateforme Open Data en ligne - pari tenu ! (INT201)

Posted by Keith Loo - Open Platforms Lead, Microsoft Canada

A few years ago, Microsoft Canada began hosting a series of events called Make Web Not War (MWNW). The concept was to assemble a group of thought leaders working with the latest technologies, open source or proprietary, and get everyone to work together.

During MWNW Community Nights, there was no discussion of which technologies were better, but instead, there was a purposeful focus on taking these technologies, including PHP, Python, .NET, Java, and HTML, mashing them together, and doing interesting and powerful things with them.

Since our first events, MWNW has continued to evolve and grow as we’ve traveled the country looking for awesome developers, communities, and projects to work with – all in the hopes of building a better and more open web.

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