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    Boost & BJam plus Web Chats coming up

    I'm a big C++ fan, despite the fact that the VC++ optimizer is written in C. I've been using Boost for a couple years now, and just picked up the initial tarball for 1.32.0. Someone's written a .jam file for VC8 on x64, but it just does the bare minimum...
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    What is the difference between AMD64 & EM64T, really?

    Yes, I've had inside information about all of this for quite some time, but none of this info is confidential. It's all discoverable - for all I know, there are already websites out there that provide this detail. The trouble is that both companies seem...
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    First Post - all things x64

    Welcome to my stinkin' blog. I just wanted a place to dump interesting & useful blobs of information about what I've been doing for the past 4 or 5 years of my life @ work: x64. My name is Kevin Frei, and I've been a developer on the x64 (aka AMD64...
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