February, 2004

  • frice's WebLog

    Adding a button and Click event at run-time

    Many developers recognize the need to disable certain controls in their application to either keep from confusing users as to which button to click or to keep users from clicking buttons at an inappropriate time. Usually this is done by programmatically...
  • frice's WebLog

    Improving Access Database Performance

    One of the areas where I see a lot of questions in the newsgroups concerns the performance of Access databases. Access databases are used for a variety of applications; everything from relatively small to medium records management to proof of concept...
  • frice's WebLog

    Should I use a bang or dot?

    One of the questions frequently asked by new Access users (and veterans as well) in the newsgroups concerns writing expessions that reference various collections, objects, and properties. When should you use a bang (!) and when should you use a dot (...
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