There are three tools that came up on my radar that allow to manipulate your Windows Azure storage quite easily and intuitively.

Cloud Storage Studio The first one, which I have been using for a while is called Cloud Storage Studio from Cerebrata Software, and I like it a lot.

It has a slick and intuitive UI from the login screen to uploading, managing and deleting content in your storage account. It is really easy to use, supports file and folder multiselect on upload, and is robust insofar as what I have used it for to-date.

I definitely recommend it.


CloudBerry Explorer for Azure Blob Storage The second one which I have just started using today, but definitely warrants a good try is CloudBerry Explorer for Azure Blob Storage, from CloudBerry Lab Inc. This crew has already a long and solid history of S3 storage management tools, they have recently added Windows Azure to their line-up.

First experience is good. Login is easy, it works intuitively, the feature set is comprehensive (queue pane, side-by-side view of the cloud and the local drive, many options to tweak and settings to choose from, etc.)

I’ll use it for a while and decide whether it works out better than Cloud Storage Studio…


Azure Storage Explorer For completeness sake I will also mention the third one but cannot comment on it as I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Feel free to comment on your own experience if you used it. It’s called Azure Storage Explorer from Neudesic. I actually re-used the screenshot provided by the contributor on the Codeplex page.