“B-Movie Madness” Sample Now Available

“B-Movie Madness” Sample Now Available

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When we released F# Tools for Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web last month, we made a short F# launch video available: F# 3.0 Information Rich Programming.

The video featured a sample C#/F# MVC4 ASP.NET app named “B-Movie Madness,” which we’ve now made available as part of the F# 3.0 Sample Pack on CodePlex.  You can browse the source code online, or download and build locally.  The project can be opened and built using either Visual Studio Express for Web (with F# Tools installed) or a full version of Visual Studio 2012.




README.txt contains important release notes, including required steps for adding NuGet references to various web frameworks, so don’t forget to take a look before building the project.


Lincoln Atkinson
Visual Studio F# Test Team

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  • I've published the sample on Azure a a web site so you can try it out online:


    User data is stored on a SQL instance again in Azure.


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