Visual Studio 2013 RC and Send to FSI

Visual Studio 2013 RC and Send to FSI

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Earlier this week, the Release Candidate build of Visual Studio 2013 was announced.  Like the Preview build before it, the RC contains a host of new features for F# developers, including F# 3.1 language updates and improved Visual F# tooling.  You can read the details in our earlier blog post.

The RC contains one brand-new F# feature, though, which we are pleased to announce today: Send to F# Interactive.

The same solution explorer context menus used to manage assembly references in F# projects now give you the option to send those references to your FSI session.  This is often much simpler and faster than typing out a full #r command.  There are three ways to use the feature:

  • Add individual references by selecting and right-clicking on them


  • Add all project references at once by right-clicking the top-level References node


  • Add the output assembly of a project by right-clicking the project node




In all cases, the result is equivalent to a traditional #r FSI reference:



Note that once an assembly is loaded into FSI, it is locked on disk and a new version of the same assembly cannot be loaded into the session.  Make sure to reset FSI (by right clicking the window and selecting “Reset Interactive Session”) when you want to load an updated version of an assembly, or unlock an assembly file on disk.

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  • Looking forward to the match expression used in a query expression

    let GetXXX_TableView (queryEntity:BQ_XX)=

     let sb=new AEntitiesAdvance() //context of Entity Framework

     query {

        for n in sb.T_A do

        where (

         match n.C_A,queryEntity.VC_A,queryEntity.VC_ASecond with

         | x, HasValue y, HasValue z when y=DateTime.MinValue ->x<=z

         | x, HasValue y, HasValue z when z=DateTime.MaxValue ->x>=y

         | x, HasValue y, HasValue z when z>y ->x>=y && x<=z

         | x, HasValue y, _ ->x=y

         | _ ->true


         match n.C_B,queryEntity.VC_B with

         | x,y when y.HasValue ->x=y.Value

         | _ ->true


        select n



    and looking forward to the compose query expressions in F#.


  • I've just checked and in VS2013 RC it's still not possible to create out of the box Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8.1 apps in pure F#+XAML. Also it's still not possible to create Portable Class Library in F# targeting arbitrary platform subset, only one fixed subset .NET 4.5 and Windows 8 apps.

    I'd really like to try to use F# in my projects, but it looks it's still not possible.

    Edit: Just found F# WIndows App template online, but when I tried to add it, if failed somehow.

  • I agree with Martin.  I want to utilize F# for all the Windows Dev I do and being able to use it for Windows Phone is huge.  Please make it a first class citizen for doing Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 apps.  

  • Oct. 19 214  Any issues using Fsharp with ---

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 RC  ?


    Art Scott

  • Just red some past comments re: F# and etc.

    I found this recently ... may be of interest.

    PLH OOE Art Scott

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