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January, 2008

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I work in the Excel engineering team as a Program Manager which means that I spend my time designing and building features of Excel. Before I joined Microsoft, I worked for a variety of software companies - from start-ups to large, multi-national corporations. I've spent almost all of my career building data analysis applications of one shape or another using C++, VB and Excel - but nowadays I'm moving over to .NET. Before all of that (and longer ago than I can believe) ... I studied Mathematics at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. 

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    Using Cell Text to Filter PivotTables

    Sometimes it would be useful to be able to use cells to select items in a PivotTable. For example, let's say we have a PivotTable containing a field called Region. Instead of using the filter dropdown to select the region from a list it would be nice...
  • Excel Programming

    Excel and Managed Code ... How does that work?

    As well as C/C++ and VBA, I'll be blogging a lot about managed code. So I figured it would be useful to lay out the basics of how Excel and managed code interoperate today. If you write Excel addins you’ve probably seen articles like this one that...
  • Excel Programming

    Well ... let's get started

    <Fanfare>Hello. My name is Gabhan and this is my new blog dedicated to Excel Programming.</Fanfare> I work as a Program Manager on the Excel product team and I thought it would be useful/fun/exciting to dedicate a blog to programming with...
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