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February, 2008

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I work in the Excel engineering team as a Program Manager which means that I spend my time designing and building features of Excel. Before I joined Microsoft, I worked for a variety of software companies - from start-ups to large, multi-national corporations. I've spent almost all of my career building data analysis applications of one shape or another using C++, VB and Excel - but nowadays I'm moving over to .NET. Before all of that (and longer ago than I can believe) ... I studied Mathematics at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. 

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    Excel Event Handling in C#

    After I posted about getting up-and-running with managed code and Excel , I realised that I was really writing a brief introduction to coding a C# Excel addin. Then I realised that there are two more areas that need to be covered before we would be ready...
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    Using Custom Functions in Dynamic Ranges

    Named ranges are great. They enable us to assign a name to a collection of cells and use that name in code and worksheet functions. However, named ranges tend to be static. That is, they tend to represent a fixed set of cells, such as, A1:E100. But sometimes...
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    The Woes of Excel's Optional Parameters and C# ... a (potential) Workaround

    When coding in C# with Excel, it doesn't take long before you encounter the dreaded 'optional parameter' issue. If you have ever copied-and-pasted numerous System.Reflection. Missing .Value statements then you've probably wondered a few things. Firstly...
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    Creating Custom Calculated Members and Sets in OLAP PivotTables

    If you are using PivotTables against an OLAP data source you may find it useful to be able to create your own custom, calculated measures and sets. These calculations are client-side meaning they exist inside Excel and you don't have to change the server...
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    Ribbon Customisation Links

    I thought it would be useful to provide a list of some good articles on customising the Office ribbon: 3-part Article on Ribbon Customisation ; Ribbon Developer Centre ; Jenson Harris' blog ; Repurposing Commands on the Ribbon ; Hiding...
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    MSDN Code Gallery

    We have recently launched a code sharing community web site called MSDN Code Gallery . MSDN Code Gallery hosts code snippets and entire projects that have been shared with the community. You can publish your own code or search for and download other...
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