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April, 2008

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I work in the Excel engineering team as a Program Manager which means that I spend my time designing and building features of Excel. Before I joined Microsoft, I worked for a variety of software companies - from start-ups to large, multi-national corporations. I've spent almost all of my career building data analysis applications of one shape or another using C++, VB and Excel - but nowadays I'm moving over to .NET. Before all of that (and longer ago than I can believe) ... I studied Mathematics at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. 

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    Busy Times ... and a Note about my TechEd Sessions

    Busy times at Microsoft has meant that I've been slower than usual in posting recently. My current expectation is to be over my heavy workload by about mid-June. I'll continue to post in the meantime; but at a slower pace. TechEd is being held in Orlando...
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    Writing Custom Excel Worksheet Functions in C#

    Writing our own, custom worksheet functions is a great way to extend Excel. Before Excel 2002 we developed custom functions by either writing them using VBA inside an XLA or by using C/C++ inside an XLL. Excel 2002 introduced a new type of addin called...
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    Using Statistics in Business Intelligence

    One other area I work in is Business Intelligence. These days BI is an important technology to an increasing number of companies. There are many great BI tools out there, one of which is (of course) Excel. One of the things that makes Excel such a...
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    OOXML wins ISO Vote

    Office Open XML (OOXML), the XML file formats used by Office 2007, today won the ISO vote which paves the way for it becoming an ISO standard. This is very exciting news indeed for Excel programmability. Coupled with the new Open XML SDK that we announced...
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