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  • Blog Post: Custom Task Panes

    A Custom Task Pane (CTP) is a user interface component in Office which is used to provide a non-modal window. Some of Excel's features, such as the PivotTable field list and Reseach tool, use CTPs. CTPs are exposed to customer extensions via the Office extensibility COM libraries. Any Excel developer...
  • Blog Post: OOXML wins ISO Vote

    Office Open XML (OOXML), the XML file formats used by Office 2007, today won the ISO vote which paves the way for it becoming an ISO standard. This is very exciting news indeed for Excel programmability. Coupled with the new Open XML SDK that we announced last week, programming against Excel's native...
  • Blog Post: Open XML SDK Roadmap Announced

    The new XML file formats in Office 2007 open the door to lots of exciting programmability solutions. For example, the files can be created and consumed without automating Excel.exe. This really helps server-side solutions. It also aids batch processing of Excel files and cross-platform business solutions...
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