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  • Blog Post: Custom Task Panes

    A Custom Task Pane (CTP) is a user interface component in Office which is used to provide a non-modal window. Some of Excel's features, such as the PivotTable field list and Reseach tool, use CTPs. CTPs are exposed to customer extensions via the Office extensibility COM libraries. Any Excel developer...
  • Blog Post: Analysing Column Data using C# (... with a little Custom Drawing thrown in for fun)

    When presented with a table of data in Excel, sometimes it is useful to be able to learn some quick facts about it. One quick fact which is often useful is the distribution of values within a particular column. For example, if we have a column called Region it is useful to know which regions occur more...
  • Blog Post: Ribbon Customisation Links

    I thought it would be useful to provide a list of some good articles on customising the Office ribbon: 3-part Article on Ribbon Customisation ; Ribbon Developer Centre ; Jenson Harris' blog ; Repurposing Commands on the Ribbon ; Hiding groups of commands on the Ribbon ; Adding Custom...
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