Gabriel Morgan

Sharing experience as an Enterprise Architect, Business Strategist, Business Performance Manager, Business Architect and Solution Architect. Twitter:@Gabriel_Morgan
  • Gabriel Morgan

    Solution Architect Skills Assessment Idea

    I’d like to talk about another idea I have for improving system architecture which is growing Solution Architects . I believe that one of the primary value propositions of an architect is to mentor and transfer knowledge from their architecture experience...
  • Gabriel Morgan

    System Design Process thought...

    I wanted to follow up a note I mentioned in a previous blog I wrote on how to Manage System Quality and talk about System Design Process as it relates to managing system quality. I’ve come across several methodologies that include system design processes...
  • Gabriel Morgan

    System Quality Attribute Plan

    There are several things that architects do when building and delivering solutions but one of the core responsibilities often seems to get lost early in the project lifecycle - ensuring system quality. For this reason, I thought it'd be interesting to...
  • Gabriel Morgan

    Design for Flexibility

    First of all, let’s level set on the definition of system Flexibility. I quite like M. Barbacci’s definition which is “ Flexibility is the ease with which a system or component can be modified for use in applications or environments other than those for...
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