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  • Blog Post: Were you ready for BUILD 2015?

    Wow, it is hard to describe everything that was announced yesterday, and to answer my own question: I was not ready for BUILD. It was not lack of interest or willingness, it is just that the incredible amount of changes could take anyone unprepared. But the future is for the bold, so, how can you...
  • Blog Post: Cloud and Azure: time to visit the Microsoft Virtual Academy

    Perhaps you are preparing for Exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions , or are interested to learn more about data storage in Azure, or have heard a thing or two about MongoDB and want to give it a try. Well, we have the right training for you. In the Microsoft Virtual Academy we have a...
  • Blog Post: Upcoming MVA (MS Virtual Academy) Content

    Quite likely you are curious about the content in the MVA, the Microsoft Virtual academy. You may even have checked a few of our engaging series. Today I want to share with you a few coming events that may pick your interest. Microsoft Azure Back End for Gaming - April 14, 2015 9am–5pm...
  • Blog Post: Cool Links to start your Week

    We had a busy week, like always, and the Easter got our minds away from the Tech news. So, in case you missed any of these news, I am giving you a quick review. Azure Resource Explorer: a new tool to discover the Azure API
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 06/29

    Today I have many Windows Phone links, and please do not forget to check my previous post that talked about a great cause: Jennifer Ann's Group that is “ Preventing teen dating violence through Awareness, Education, and Advocacy. ” Learning Windows Azure Mobile Services for Windows...
  • Blog Post: Cool Links for your Weekend

    A new cool collection of links to start your weekend. Next week I will be making some short videos on how to create quick games with Construct 2: Perfect subject for the summer. Introducing "Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide"
  • Blog Post: We are back! Week links 05/15

    After a few days off welcoming the newest member of my family I am back to bring you some cool links for this week. Windows 7 and 8.1 now usable in Azure virtual machines It seems...
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 04/12

    We are still trying to process all the information we got at BUILD, but new announcements and cool news appear every day. Here I give you some cool links for your weekend. Building Apps for Windows
  • Blog Post: Cortana, take me to the future. Weekend links 04/05

    You may have been paying attention this week to BUILD , the coolest Microsoft year conference for developers and, if you are anything like me, you were surprise by many of the announcements. Today I bring you some links to get a general idea of what was going on, but if you want to get all the details...
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 03/29

    To end the month with a high note, I am writing this post in the fist break of the Global Azure Bootcamp :) If you still have not checked Azure, what are you waiting for ?!!?!? This week will be all Azure for me. DirectX 12 to boost gaming on Windows Phone devices, Qualcomm says http://www.phonearena...
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 03/16

    Links, links, links. This may be all you need to have some fun on your weekend. Or at least you can end up reading some cool info, right? 20 Must Have Apps for Windows Phone 8 A cool list with something for everyone...
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 01/26

    To continue my small tradition to bring you interesting links during the weekend I offer you this post. New app controls, simpler certification requirements, added to the Windows Store for developers
  • Blog Post: Political Tracker Interview Chronicles

    Political Tracker had a not so difficult choice when they tried to set their awesome infrastructure. Tommy Patterson brings us this nice video show how Azure filled all their needs: A scalable enterprise solution that every american would use to keep track of the changing waters of the nations' politics...
  • Blog Post: Weekend links 11/02

    We are back with you needed information for the week. Today I have several game related links, but will try to pepper the post with more general links, so please enjoy. Microspotting: Inside the Microsoft Archives
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 10/26

    This was a busy week for Microsoft, so it is only fair that you receive your weekly dose of links to keep you up to date. Windows 8.1: What you need to know (FAQ) I know, you may already have all the information...
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