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  • Blog Post: Cool Links to start your Week

    We had a busy week, like always, and the Easter got our minds away from the Tech news. So, in case you missed any of these news, I am giving you a quick review. Azure Resource Explorer: a new tool to discover the Azure API
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 08/16

    After some days off I am back with renewed energy and lots of news, of course. Now is the time to Develop Windows Universal Apps! Not long ago I had the privilege to meet Michael Crump in one of his presentations...
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 07/26

    Here we are again, the summer moves along and the news and articles keep coming. So, let's get to it. Windows Store App - Using Facebook to authenticate the user If you want to...
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 07/20

    I have been away for a few days of summer vacation, but do not despair, the news links will keep coming. Windows Developer Program for IoT now rolling out In my latest presentation in a local meetup...
  • Blog Post: Weekend News

    If you are looking for obscure news that keep you entertained during this weekend, look no further, I got you covered. Microsoft Research launches Code Hunt browser game, helps teach coding If...
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 02/01

    The second month of the year is already here! And before I go on a short company trip I better share with you some cool links. Seahawks or Broncos? Either way, you’ll want these Windows Phone apps for The Big Game
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 01/26

    To continue my small tradition to bring you interesting links during the weekend I offer you this post. New app controls, simpler certification requirements, added to the Windows Store for developers
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 01/19

    These links got delayed, the joys of losing track of time. But you can start your week with a nice group of articles about tech and Microsoft in particular. Tonight On Kinect: Jace Rode uses his Xbox One to record a cooking show
  • Blog Post: Weekend links 12/29

    Before the year is over I have a bunch of links to share with you. So, let's get started. 28 Top Windows Apps List for your Surface Apps, apps, apps everywhere. This list follows the true tradition of finding...
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 12/22

    Before I go to sleep I would love to share some of my links with you. We are closing this year strong and that is thanks to all of you. In case you are already enjoying a well deserved rest: Happy holidays!! Project Siena lets you create Windows apps with ease
  • Blog Post: Weekend links 12/14

    And we are Back!!! After having some complicated vacations I wanted to re start with a good note and bring you some cool articles with Microsoft related news, and technology in general! Publish your apps now to take advantage of the biggest holiday season yet
  • Blog Post: Weekend links 12/07

    December is here and we are looking to close 2013 with a strong pace. I am currently in Puerto Rico, but the renewed energy of these vacations only made me think about important things in life, like family, personal goals for 2014 and how big changes are on our way. With that in mind I have a few links...
  • Blog Post: Weekend links 11/30

    A new week, new links and incredible news from Microsoft. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving or Chanukah and that the rest of the coming festivities are equally happy. Before you hit the mall, download these Windows Phone apps
  • Blog Post: Weekend links 11/23

    This week was particularly exciting for all gamers, and finally the wait is over: Xbox One it's here!!!!! A new revolution in the gaming landscape has started. So let's check what we had this in the Ms land: Xbox One: Top 10 features of Microsoft's next-gen console
  • Blog Post: Weekend links 11/17

    We are back with more great links to start the week. It has been a busy week for Microsoft that shows the great energy we have to start the holidays. What’s new in VS2013 for Windows Phone Developers
  • Blog Post: Weekend links 11/09

    We are back with your needed information for the week. Many links today feature gaming news, which pleases me to no end. Microsoft merges Windows Phone and Windows store accounts for app developers
  • Blog Post: Weekend links 11/02

    We are back with you needed information for the week. Today I have several game related links, but will try to pepper the post with more general links, so please enjoy. Microspotting: Inside the Microsoft Archives
  • Blog Post: Weekend Links 10/26

    This was a busy week for Microsoft, so it is only fair that you receive your weekly dose of links to keep you up to date. Windows 8.1: What you need to know (FAQ) I know, you may already have all the information...
  • Blog Post: Weekend links

    While I am at SIEGE I will leave this group of links for your entertainment. Publish your Windows Phone apps for free in the United States or Europe Do you want some love from Nokia? They got you covered! If you...
  • Blog Post: News, sources and interesting links

    Following previous posts to help you keep updated with the Microsoft's ecosystem, here you have a list of interesting links you may like: Easily Adding Auth and Push to your WP App with Windows Azure Mobile Services
  • Blog Post: Links to start your week

    During the weekend I found an great amount of links related to Microsoft and Windows 8 development and I wanted to share some of them with you: Best Windows 8 apps this week A quick list of great apps complied by Martin Brinkmann...
  • Blog Post: News herding for the weekend

    You may be ready to get a long weekend of rest and peace, but in case you have some time to read for a little while about the fascinating world of Microsoft, here are my top links for this week. Windows Phone resources for Developers
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