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GarethJ's WebLog - OneNote API musings
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    Language-oriented or Metadata-driven?

    Sergey Dmitriev has a great article on what he, and others, have called Language Oriented Programming.  Go read it, it’s a great piece.  As we're heavily engaged in building Domain Specific Language tools at present we're obviously swimming in the same...
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    Roku running

    I've got my Roku M1000 up and running and so far I'm extremely pleased with it.  The setup process was very painless (even putting in a WEP key with a remote control wasn't too bad) and refreshingly the UPnP side of things "just worked" once I'd got the...
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    Using our newsgroup with an nntp client

    We've set up a newsgroup for discussion of our DSL Tools - microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.workshop.dsltools.   You can read this on the web , but if you want to read it using an NNTP client, you'll need to connect to our private news server...
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    Get hold of the bits…

    You can find my team's MSDN site here  and download the first technical preview of our toolset here .  In this download, you'll find the object model editor (or metamodel editor, or domain model editor, or Corona prefixed to any of the preceding - we...
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