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GarethJ's WebLog - OneNote API musings
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    Chris on Shared Sessions in OneNote

    Chris Pratley has a great post on the way the OneNote team use the shared sessions feature that they built into their product.  This is the feature that I mentioned in my post On Distributing My Office Whiteboard . This type of seamless no-baton collaboration...
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    Just what IS a DSL Tools designer?

    Recently, an anonymous participant in our newsgroup posted to ask about building code in the debugging solution we provide with the templates in our December DSL Tools CTP. She'd built a DSL designer and was successfully using it to create documents....
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    Stress-driven development

    Grady Booch  notes a great post by ckw on Stress-driven development. I've long been an advocate of reversing the "premature optimization is evil" mantra when it comes to the design of system architecture.   In my recent past life in building enterprise...
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    Just a reminder that my immediate colleagues in the Visual Studio Class Designer team have a community chat tonight.   Chat with members of the Class Designer team. Class Designer offers visualization features to help you understand, design, and refactor...
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