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GarethJ's WebLog - OneNote API musings
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    Full code generation

    I said in a recent post that I didn't believe in 100% code generation in the near future.   The recent discussion about the worth/necessity of some volume of custom code to do clever IDE integration of a DSL got me thinking harder about whether I...
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    Custom code junkies beware - DSL Inertia

    In his response to my last post , Steven said   "Microsoft's focus on IDE integration seems to be leading many of its customers astray. They're jumping straight in to building tight integration with Visual Studio, before they've even had their modeling...
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    Mort and glory

    It's been an age since I blogged.  As has been noted , we've slipped a bit and this might have something to do with it :-)   Since I last posted, Pedro has been confirmed as our new and glorious leader .  This is a fabulous thing for the team and...
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