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GarethJ's WebLog - OneNote API musings
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    Sad news - Bill to leave after two years

    Yes, it's true. The BBC confirmed yesterday that Billie Piper is to leave Dr Who at the end of a two year run playing assistant Rose Tyler.   The good Doctor just won't be the same without those toothy grins accompanying him.   Sorry, was there...
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    VS 2005 Xml Editor Coolness

    Kzu has a top tip for the Xml Editor in Visual Studio 2005 . F12 for “Go to definition” works in instance documents and on elements in schema just as if it was C# code. Nice. BTW, this entry my first posted directly from Word 2007 – we’ll see...
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    Monkey Business

    Martijn, asks on his delightfully-named Software Chimps site: I wonder therefore why Microsoft has taken the Factory Factory Factory Factory approach in making its own Factory. He notes that we're only building one product and therefore wonders...
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    Caching in latest T4 drop

    Adam Miller has been using our T4 engine and has a question about caching... A caching question: Using the standard templating engine (Microsoft.VisualStudio.TextTemplating.Engine), is there a way to cache the same template file between generations...
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    June 2006 CTP of DSL Tools ships

    I'm on a short post-ship vacation at the moment so just a quick note. As Stuart announced , we've shipped our next CTP of the DSL Tools with the Visual Studio 2005 SDK V3 June 2006 CTP.   More when I get back to work, but read the info on converting...
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