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GarethJ's WebLog - OneNote API musings
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    Built with DSL Tools: Tangible Architect

    As Steve pointed out , here's another product based on DSL Tools technology. From the Tangible web page : " Model-Driven Code Generation featuring Drag&Drop UI-Design (Software factory supporting DSL & UML) 1. Define your business objects using...
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    5 Things - Tagged

    So Jezz tagged me with this "5 things" meme that's doing the rounds. I don't normally subscribe to this sort of thing cos I'm a curmudgeon, but seeing as all "teh cool kids" (even Rory ) are doing it, here goes: My claim to fame is that Paul McCartney...
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    Japanese DSL Whitepapers

    The Microsoft Japan architect team has published three DSL Tools whitepapers which you can find here: http://www.microsoft.com/japan/msdn/architecture/dsl/default.aspx Thanks to Shozo Arai for pointing them out to me.
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