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  • Blog Post: Software Factories Redux

    Don has a great post on where the p&p team are going with Software Factories and GAT/GAX . No doubt we'll be talking to those good folks about how they can take advantage of new features in DSL 2010 in their 2010 versions of Factories. Technorati Tags: Software Factories , VSX , T4 , DSL Tools
  • Blog Post: TellMe Voice Studio Beta1

    I just noticed that the good folks over at TellMe (a relatively new bit of Microsoft) have shipped a beta of their Voice Studio voice application dev tool, based on DSL Tools. Very cool indeed! (I seem to be saying this a lot lately) I love the process of developing voice apps - One of the last things...
  • Blog Post: T4 Adoption continues with ASP.Net MVC Tools

    Ok, the big guns are pitching in now :-) Hot on the heels of the tooling for LINQ-to-Entities folks adopting T4 for their next release , comes another. Scott Guthrie just blogged about a new RC of ASP.Net MVC that will shortly be coming along.  It's a long post, but down in the section on view templates...
  • Blog Post: Gnomz Software's Viewpoints for Visual Studio

    Graham from Gnomz Software pinged to mention his company's DSL-based viewpoint business modeling system. Check it out: Technorati Tags: DSL Tools , VSX , Visual Studio Extensibility
  • Blog Post: CSLAFactory.net

    Josef Eissing and Marcel Binot just dropped me a note to say that they'd released a CTP of their new DSL for working with Rocky Lhotka's popular CSLA application framework . Having played Killer Bunnies with Rocky one time, I thought I'd better give it a mention. You can find more detail at http://www...
  • Blog Post: Web Service Software Factory Modeling Edition Customization via Avanade

    Gerardo de Geest and Gerben van Loon of Avanade have a great new MSDN article ... Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition, also known as the Service Factory, is a collection of resources to help you model and build Web services for Windows ® Communication Foundation (WCF) and ASMX in an easy and...
  • Blog Post: Team Architect Case Study with Software Factories

    More catching up. I was asked about case studies in my webcast today. A good while ago, Clemens announced that Microsoft and Sogeti published a full case study of using the DSLs in Visual Studio 2008 Team Architect Edition in the financial sector. Technorati Tags: DSL Tools , Visual Studio 2008 , Architecture
  • Blog Post: Help in tackling the hard problem of model<-->code synchronization

    As we discuss in Chapter 8 of our book , it's a relatively taxing problem to do high fidelity synchronization of code and models in the cases where there's some abstraction gap between the two. Jean-Marc Prieur of the DslFactory community in France has a project called DslFactory Utilities up on CodePlex...
  • Blog Post: Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition

    Plenty has been said about this around the web, but it's pretty exciting that the first p&p Software Factory with a substantive DSL Tools component is now live. You can find The MSDN homepage at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb931187.aspx The main CodePlex site at http://www.codeplex.com...
  • Blog Post: Next release of the DSL Editor PowerToy

    While I'm linking to Jezz , I should mention that he has a groovy new release of the powertoy available . Here's a picture showing a multi-view powertoy editor hosted as the main editing surface of a DSL Designer. Sweet stuff - this is really, really coming along nicely.
  • Blog Post: Built with DSL Tools: Tangible Architect

    As Steve pointed out , here's another product based on DSL Tools technology. From the Tangible web page : " Model-Driven Code Generation featuring Drag&Drop UI-Design (Software factory supporting DSL & UML) 1. Define your business objects using an UML Model or Class Wizards 2. Let tangible architect...
  • Blog Post: Built with DSL Tools: Himalia Guilder

    Another neat application of DSL tools V1 (with a custom VS SDK project system to boot) in the GUI-building (they coined the term 'guilding' which I like) space for service oriented apps. It's really exciting to see DSL Tools as a technology that's helping a start-up company get going. From the Himalia...
  • Blog Post: Built with DSL Tools: ActiveWriter

    I just came across another product based on the DSL Tools. It's called ActiveWriter and it's an entity designer for classes that are persisted using the ActiveRecord pattern on top of nHibernate .
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