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  • Blog Post: Quan is blogging

    Quan To , our top-notch, shiny new program manager on the team, is blogging. I'm sure it's going to be fabulous (no expectation setting there then Quan ;-) ) Welcome to the team.
  • Blog Post: Keyvan writes on eXtensibility

    I just found Keyvan Nayyeri's blog. He's got some great articles on Visual Studio eXtensibility and even more interestingly, he's writing a book for Wiley/Wrox entitled "Professional Visual Studio Add-ins and Extensions with C#". Now I'm very much looking forward to that. Technorati Tags: VSX , Visual...
  • Blog Post: Catching up

    I've obviously been coding in a dark cell too much of late as there are a few things I've just noticed. Erik Gunvaldson is blogging. He's got a lot of insight into DSL and Software Factory uptake in the real world of large services companies which I hope he'll share and some great news about upcoming...
  • Blog Post: Feedburner

    Just a quick note to say that I've switched my RSS feed to indirect via FeedBurner so I can get some easy stats. Please let me know if it causes you any problems.
  • Blog Post: Computer says ...

    OK, so this is a bit of a gimmick, but the geek in me couldn't resist it (I made some excuse to myself about striving for greater accessibility). There's now a link on my blog page to get a podcast of this blog read to you in glorious speech-synthesizer-o-voice. You can get the podcast feed at http...
  • Blog Post: Welcome George

    No sooner have we released the latest CTP then we have another blogger online talking about a T4 feature that's going to be in the NEXT CTP after that !   Please welcome another of the talented developers from the DSL Tools team,  George Mathew .
  • Blog Post: Ignore this test post

    I try not to do this, but I'm tracking down an issue with my client software. Normal service will be resumed etc…
  • Blog Post: Some UI Design craft

    From simplegeek Jan Mikovsky is blogging on UI design craft …  Subscribed.
  • Blog Post: Old New Blogging Client: CSBlogger

    I've just picked up a new version of an old favourite blogging client, CSBlogger by our own Guoquiang Wu .  This was a bit flaky after the blogs.msdn.com move to Community Server (what wasn't?) but now seems to be solid again.  Recommended.  This app is also a great example of what InfoPath is all about...
  • Blog Post: Pedro (re)joins the team.

    Pedro Silva is coming back to work with us as a developer on the DSL Tools.  Welcome Back Pedro.
  • Blog Post: Chatvertisement

    Just a reminder that my immediate colleagues in the Visual Studio Class Designer team have a community chat tonight.   Chat with members of the Class Designer team. Class Designer offers visualization features to help you understand, design, and refactor code. You'll learn more about what's coming...
  • Blog Post: Another one of the team online

    Jack Greenfield , an architect in the same group as myself and the other DSL guys has been seduced by the allure of blogging.  He joins the debate with Grady Booch and looks forward to sharing more about our software factories vision .
  • Blog Post: Blog-related sites that this site is registered with...

    I'll keep this article vaguely up to date with the listing and aggregation services that I register with explicitly
  • Blog Post: Crazy for OOPSLA

    Apologies that I've not been much for blogging lately. We've had our heads buried in our deliverables for the last weeks. My team has a big milestone coming up and we also hope to have some interesting stuff to show at OOPSLA in Vancouver at the end of the month which has been keeping me pretty busy...
  • Blog Post: Comments now moderated

    Comments on my blog are now moderated, so don't be surprised if you submit one and it doesn't appear immediately. I'll attempt to approve them as snappily as possible.
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