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  • Blog Post: When scripting goes bad…er, insane.

    Hi, my name is Garrett, and I have a problem. I love scripting stuff. And, I by stuff, I mean everything. Really, I often use it as an exercise to understanding whatever it is that I’m trying to learn—if I can automate it, I’ve got a strong feeling that I understand it. As you may or may not know, my...
  • Blog Post: Using JScript as a batch scripting language (Part III)

    Now that I’ve shown how to build a cool .Format() method for strings, we can put it to good use in a lot of places. In batch scripting, it’s really nice to be able to make nearly every call support replacement arguments in a consistent fashion. In cmd.exe batch scripts, we use %var% all over the place...
  • Blog Post: Using JScript as a batch scripting language (Part II)

    Last time, I wrote about synthesizing an #include facility along with handling environment variables in a trivial way. This time, let’s look at filling in a couple more gaps in JScript’s basic scripting functionality. What’s wrong with String? The String class in JavaScript/JScript is … ok. If you work...
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