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  • Blog Post: Building an Optimized PHP Build process on Windows (Part IV)

    Previously, I had discussed what it took to use PGO on the Windows PHP build. The lead to me building automated build scripts… Automation as the root of all evil "Anything that can be done for you, automatically, can be done to you, automatically." – David C. Wyland First, I had to get the...
  • Blog Post: Crafting an Optimized PHP Build Process on Windows (Part III)

    Previously, I had talked about using PGO in the PHP build process. In order to use it I had to observe… The Heisenberg build process "A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it." – The First law of Mentat, quoted...
  • Blog Post: PHP on Windows Optimized build—Thread Safe version too!

    I’ve just finished tweakin’ out the PGO (Profiled Guided Optimization) build script for PHP on Windows to crank out the thread-safe version of PHP as well. So, now you can test PHP 5.3 RC3-dev PGO optimized for Windows with Apache 2.2! What’s the difference between thread-safe and non-thread-safe? The...
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