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  • Blog Post: Analyzing Common CLR Performance Problems

    Here's an old document on analyzing memory problems. Here's summary - This document is intended to help you diagnose common CLR performance issues. Over the years we have seen a wide variety of CLR performance issues from our customers. This document tries to classify these issues in broad categories...
  • Blog Post: Performance Hit of using BitArray.GetEnumerator()

    While doing memory analysis on one of my scenarios, I noticed that System.Collections.BitArray.BitArrayEnumeratorSimple::get_Current Object () is doing lot of allocations of System.Boolean object. I wrote a simple program to reproduce the behavior and as it turns out, for BitArray object returning...
  • Blog Post: Named Value Collections slower than HashTable

    Kim Hamilto on BCL team has written a great post on performance differences in Named Value Collections and Hashtable. Lookups scale pretty well except that Named Value Collections is 2.6x worse. Addition also scales very well but this time Named Value Collections is 8.5x worse. He explains - ...
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