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  • Blog Post: Excel hack - Graphical representation of data

    Ever wanted to see data visually in excel without going through the complex wizard? Juice analysis has posted one of the neatest hacks to get graphical representation of data. The hack uses simple function REPT. Microsoft Excel 12 has similar functionality and is super easy to use. See Lightweight data...
  • Blog Post: Performance Console

    Ever got lost in reading the call stack trace from .NET profiler? I do in the recursive calls to functions. Other times I just want to get a feel of the application call stack to identify which areas should I be focusing on. Josh Williams has written an amazing tool to help you out here. Performance...
  • Blog Post: CLR Profiler Team Blog

    Check out the CLR Profiler team's blog . It is a collection for all the great articles profiler team is writing. Some of my favorites are - VSTS FAQ is great introduction on using profiler. Using VSTS Performance Tools to Speed Up Your App (Part 1) is a great demo Greatest Hits is a great collection...
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