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January, 2006

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Welcome to my blog world! Let me share a few things about myself with you. I am Gaurav Seth, working as a Program Manager with the JScript  team in the Developer Tools Group at Microsoft since Aug 2007. Prior to this I was with the Java Migration team in the same group from Mar 2003 and mainly handled the feature areas of Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA) and 64-bit Visual J# apart from others. I am based out of Microsoft's India Development Centre, located in Hyderabad, India.

Prior to Microsoft India Development Centre, I worked with Bell Labs Development Centre, now renamed to Bell Labs Research, located at Bangalore, India since May 2000 as a Senior Software Engineer. At Bell Labs Development Centre, I was a part of the Bell Labs president Award Winner - 1xEvDO team. My role involved design and implementation in call handling area of one of the world's first 3GPP-1xEvDO standard based communication solution.

I hope to keep my blog posted with a lot of stuff regarding myself, my team, my company, things I like and things I don't, plus a lot of other stuff. So keep connected.

Catch you soon.


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    Another JLCA customer query… I have a java applet that connects to a servlet which makes calls to an ADOMD.dll via a Java Native Interface. For Microsoft clients I need to change the back end. I was planning to create a Web service in C# to receive...
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    Query about ClassLoaders in J#

    Recently one of our customer asked us Q> I’m trying to compile some pure java code using VJ# (VS2005). Mostly it compiles fine, but there are problems with ClassLoaders. In particular, the original code calls getSystemClassLoader(), which doesn’t seem...
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