Track the 2014 General Elections in India with this App from IBNlive and Microsoft.


With official election commission data powered by IBNLive and Bing, you can use this app for the following features and functionalities

• Quick search for a candidate,party or constituency

• Take the daily elections opinion poll and view recent polls analysis

• Track the Social Sentiment around elections

• Follow your favorite candidates on Twitter

• View interactive visualizations to monitor results of historical parliament elections

• Cartogram, Stacked bar and more visualizations for election analysis

• Save, update and reset your favorite constituency and get news specific to your favorite constituency

• Save your constituency polling date in the calendar of your choice as appointment

• Election specific News,Photos, Videos and Live TV powered by

• Watch CNN-IBN Microsoft Election Analytics Centre videos in spotlight

• Save your favorite news to your device

• Share your favorite news,photos and videos on mail and social network sites