15 papers were selected from 60 submissions for presentation at the 3rd Annual Microsoft Academic Days Conference on Game Development (February 28-March 3, 2008) :

  1. Title: Game2Learn: Improving the motivation of CS1 students          Authors Tiffany Barnes, Heather Richter
  2. Title: Game Design and Development Students: Who are They?        Authors Jessica Bayliss, Kevin Bierre
  3. Title: Bringing a pioneer games project to the next level                 Authors Rafael Bidarra, Jerke Boers, Jeroen Dobbe, Remco Huijser
  4. Title: Adding Handheld Game Programming to a Computer Science Curriculum        Authors Hollie Boudreaux, Jim Etheredge, Timothy Roden
  5. Title: Gaming for Middle School Students: Building Virtual Worlds    Authors Charles Hardnett
  6. Title: Group Interactions in a Game Engine Class                              Authors Alex Pang
  7. Title: Impact of Game Design on Students' Interest in CS                 Authors Yolanda Rankin
  8. Title: A Hybrid Approach to Projects in Gaming Courses                   Authors Amber Settle, Joe Linhoff, Andre Berthiaume
  9. Title: A Game Framework to Enhance Stem Pipeline                         Authors Todd Shurn, Charles Hardnett, Iretta  Kearse
  10. Title: The ETH Game Programming Laboratory: A Capstone for Computer Science and Visual Computing     Authors Robert Sumner, Nils Thuerey, Markus Gross
  11. Title: Assessing Game-Themed Programming Assignments for CS1/2 Courses           Authors Kelvin Sung, Michael  Panitz, Rebecca  Rosenberg, Ruth  Anderson
  12. Title: Integrating Games and Machine Learning in the Undergraduate Computer Science Classroom            Authors Scott Wallace, Ingrid Russell, Zdravko Markov
  13. Title: Introduction to Game Design in the Large Classroom               Authors Jim Whitehead
  14. Title: Games, Robots, and Robot Games: Complementary Contexts for Introductory Computing Education Authors Dianna Xu, Douglas Blank, Deepak Kumar
  15. Title: Operating A Computer Science Game Degree Program             Authors Michael Zyda, Victor Lacour, Chris Swain