Kodu is a visual programming language designed specifically for younger students to create their own 3D games using a PC. Kodu is a free download to your PC.

Kodu teaches introductory computer science concepts in a playful way and provides an easy "in" to programming allowing beginners to quickly build Virtual landscapes and manipulate character behavior. Kodu makes youth into active producers of media by tapping into their creativity through the crafting of game worlds. The program motivates users to engage in digital literacy and makes them enthusiastic about learning early computer programming concepts through invention and collaboration.

While having FUN creating video games,

  • Kodu teaches computational thinking concepts
  • students learn cooperation, logic and creativity
  • students get steeped in using computers as a creative medium and get excited about programming


Introduce Kodu and watch novices take to technology! The  7-minute YouTube Video walkthrough of Kodu game creation at http://bit.ly/BeginKodu is all one need sot get started. Make Math FUN using Kodu using the curriculum material at http://bit.ly/KoduMath

Download Kodu http://bit.ly/kodu1, review the 'Getting Started Videos' and use the Kodu learning kit from http://bit.ly/LearnKodu for self-learning or in an after school program. After school programs and classroom teachers who have used Kodu have been delighted with the results.