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  • Blog Post: Why does MSDN AA exist?

    Technology skills are increasingly important for success of students and for continued leadership in technology arena. The MSDN AA program supports and advances the learning and skills in the areas of technical design, math, science, engineering and technology, by making the latest Microsoft developer...
  • Blog Post: On-ramp for IT Pros for Windows Vista Adoption with a Springboard Series

    Adopting a new OS can be very challenging; it can be one of the hardest things that IT Pros implement for their organization. The benefits though, can outweigh the pain with the right assistance throughout the adoption process. Springboard Series is available on the Windows Vista TechCenter:
  • Blog Post: IT Challenge Competition

    The IT challenge is an online quiz that highlights the art and science of developing, deploying, and maintaining IT systems that are efficient, functional, robust and secure. Sample Quiz Questions are available at , once you sign-up for the IT competition...
  • Blog Post: Software Design Competition

    The North American Software Design Competition is a team-based competition to create an innovative software application around the Imagine Cup theme to "Enable a sustainable Environment for all" The SDI is about motivating students to take their knowledge and skills, combined with their passion and flex...
  • Blog Post: Imagine Cup competitions for Student Career development

    I talk to technology students in Universities across the Midwest and am often asked: What kinds of technology jobs will be available in the future? What skills should I learn in college to prepare for the jobs? With the growth of disruptive technologies and the Wide adoption of Web 2.0 technologies,...
  • Blog Post: Technology program for Girls

    Microsoft is offering a technology program for girls in high school to provide a better understanding of what a career in technology is all about. During the event, students interact with Microsoft employees and managers to gain exposure to careers in business and technology and to get an inside look...
  • Blog Post: College Recruiters

    Microsoft College careers provides you an overview of the jobs at Microsoft, Life at Microsoft and Interview process. See for more information. Recruiters for Schools are listed at
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