We have collected various internal and external feedback and built up a library of utility functions for Coded UI Test for various Web\Win\WPF controls.  These APIs will work on VS2010 RC (30128.01) or later only (if you have not moved, good time to do it now). 

The table of all the APIs with example usage is below.  Some important ones are –

  • Find column names and column values for List View controls.
  • Get content of controls like Data Grid or List and validate it in one shot.
  • Get tool tip text of control
  • Find broken links on the page

Refer attachment, it contains 3 files –

  • The UITestingUtilities.dll (library assembly)
  • The UITestingUtilities.xml (the document file for VS) and
  • The UITestingUtilities.mht (the help file)

To use, unzip the files on the disk and add reference to the dll.  As you use these APIs, do send me your feedback, bugs and anything else missing.  Based on the feedback, we will absorb some of these APIs into the product itself.

Note that this is not a product binary and hence not supported by us.  However, if you do find an issue, please report to me and I will do my best to get the fix out.