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  • Blog Post: What's new for Microsoft Test Manager in VS 2012 RC

    Check the post here to find out what’s new in Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) in Visual Studio 2012 RC!
  • Blog Post: How To: Go to any work item quickly in MTM?

    Typing “CTRL + G” anywhere in MTM will pop up below dialog. You can enter the work item (bug, test case etc) id and go to that work item quickly!
  • Blog Post: Test Scribe for MTM 11 Beta is out

      The Test Scribe Power Tool, which is used to generate documentation for test plan and test run for Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) has been updated for MTM 11 Beta.  The updated version is here .  The MTM 2010 version continues to be here .
  • Blog Post: Test Attachment Cleaner for TFS 11 Beta is out

    Last week we released updated set of Power Tools for TFS 11 Beta .  This release also includes updated version of Test Attachment Cleaner tool for deleting test attachments created by Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). Apart from support for TFS 11 Beta, this release of Test Attachment Cleaner includes...
  • Blog Post: MTM’s compatibility with TFS

    Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) is forward and backward compatible with TFS.  This mean you can use - MTM 2010 with TFS 11.  To do so, you need to install the Compatibility GDR . MTM 11 with TFS 2010.  This is supported without any extra install. Since many new features require change in...
  • Blog Post: Various test attachment size reduction features in MTM\TFS 11

    Some of you may have faced the problem of test attachments growing too fast in TFS with Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).  As you know, the test attachments can be cleaned using Test Attachment Cleaner tool which is part of TFS Power Tools .  However, even with the cleaner tool, the experience...
  • Blog Post: Test Case Migrator Plus V1.2 released

    We have completed the release of the Test Case Migrator Plus (V1.2 RTM) on CodePlex. What's new for the V1.2 RTM version Support for connecting to Hosted Team Foundation Server Preview . Support for connecting to Team Foundation Server 11 Beta . Fix to issue with read-only attribute being set for LinksMapping...
  • Blog Post: MTM Performance

    We released Beta of Visual Studio 11 yesterday.  This also includes Beta of Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) 11.  You can read about the new features of MTM 11 in blog by Nivedita . As mentioned by Nivedita and earlier by Brian , we have invested significantly in improving the performance of MTM...
  • Blog Post: How To: Get all test points assigned to you?

    Based on my previous post , one question that came up was - How do I, as a tester, know what test points are assigned to me? In Test->Run Tests, you can click on Filter on the left side to do filtering by Tester and\or Configurations.  Refer the screenshots below.  
  • Blog Post: FAQ: What is the difference between “Assigned To” and “Tester” in MTM?

    FAQ : In Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), what is the difference between the “Assigned To” field of the Test Case work item and the “Tester” field in MTM.  It seems these to fields are stored independently. So if I assign someone test cases through MTM then this is not translated into the “Assigned...
  • Blog Post: FAQ: Why are my tests not included in the test run?

    As an alternative to Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), users can use tcm.exe command line to run and manage their test cases.  The command line way is particularly useful in running tests in non-interactive way (say via scripts). FAQ: While using “ tcm.exe run ” command to run all the test cases in...
  • Blog Post: How To: Associate automation programmatically

    In my previous post , I mentioned about tcm testcase /import scenario.  The tcm testcase /import associates the test case artifact with automation (which is unit test or other test type). Another FAQ related to this scenario is - Q: How can I programmatically associate automation (because I want...
  • Blog Post: How To: Get the TFS AT log

    In my previous post , I mentioned how to get the client side logs for Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) for reporting any issues.  In some cases, the client side logs are not enough and to figure out the issues we might need the Team Foundation Server (TFS) logs too.  On server, we have various...
  • Blog Post: Test Attachment Cleaner power tool released!!!

    We have released new power tool called Test Attachment Cleaner that can be used to delete unwanted attachments test attachments from the TFS. For more details, refer here .
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